Conservation Teacher of the Year

ICEC annually awards, with the co-sponsorship of the Iowa Soil Conservation Awards Program, two awards to classroom teachers who are performing outstanding service in creating public awareness of the need to safeguard our national heritage. Award nominations are due by June 1. Award info here. The Iowa Soil Conservation Awards Program, co-sponsored by the Iowa State Soil Conservation Committee (SSCC) and the Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI), is presented to two outstanding educators during the Annual Conference for Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners.

Award Categories

Division I. Teachers of K-8 grades
Division II Teachers of 7- 12 grades

2016 Conservation Teachers of the Year

Division I (K-8 teacher) Recipient:

Julie Schnedler, Mediapolis Community School District
Julie has been teaching for eleven years.  Her participation in FFA and 4-H activities inspired her to seek training and opportunities for her own students to engage in conservation. Julie trained in water monitoring through the IOWATER Program and created a new camp for the Des Moines County Conservation Department to teach kids about our water bodies and water quality. She received the National Conservation Educator of the Year Award in 2016 and was the winner of the Disney Planet Challenge in 2010.  Julie does not let an opportunity to be trained in conservation programs she can take back to her students go by.

Division II (7-12 teacher) Recipient: 

E. LogsdonElizebeth Logsdon, Centerville Community School District
Elizebeth has been teaching for seven years. Elizabeth provides her students with interactive ways to engage in conservation.  Her students have taken field trips to meet with NRCS Staff to learn about judging soil and attended the Mississippi River Student Environmental Conference and National FFA Conventions.  She continues to build and promote agriculture programs and provide her students with leadership opportunities. Many of Elizebeth’s students have gone on to college or careers related to agriculture. Her teaching is truly inspiring her students to be good stewards of our land.


2015 Conservation Teachers of the Year

Division I (K-8 teacher) Recipient:

A. BeanAndy Bean from Albert City – Truesdale School

Andy Bean is a teacher of young people, with a personal conviction and an ethic that involves every aspect of rural conservation, especially treating the soil with respect and being responsible citizens. In Andy’s view, the soil is for growing food and feeding the world, but is also held in reserve for her children, grandchildren, and literally forever because there is no practical way to replace the soil. Andy involves her students in the rural community where she resides, and they are made aware of the farming industry. She takes the students on field trips to study terraces, waterways, filter-strips, and no-till farming. Andy is an outstanding teacher (Andy teaches art) and ICEC is very pleased to recognize her with this award!

Division II (7-12 teacher) Recipient: 

S. FritzellSusan Fritzell from Marshalltown High School

In the hi-tech world we all live in, Susan believes that it’s not possible to teach students about the natural world unless you are out in it and exposed to it. So, she frequently takes students on field trips. Students sample water, measure trees, and study soil types. Susan does everything she can to make teaching and learning fun at the same time. Each year her students enter in the State Envirothon competition. From all these varied experiences, students begin to appreciate good land-use decision, grow to value the environment, and their individual actions impact their surroundings. Susan is a gifted teacher and worthy of this award!