Book Category: Nature Exploration

15 Minutes Outside: 365 ways to get out of the house and connect with your kids

Cohen, R. P. 2011. Sourcebooks, Inc.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration - Keywords: Outside time, children & nature
Age Group: Parents & educators

A Field Guide to Animal Tracks (Peterson Field Guide Series)
Non-FictionMurie, O. J. 1975. Houghton-Mifflin Co. Category(ies): Mammals, Nature Exploration, Reptiles and Amphibians, Wildlife - Keywords: field guide
Age Group: 3-5 grade, 6-8 grade, 9-12 grade, Parents & educators

A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and central North America

Peterson, L.A. 1999. Houghton Mifflin.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration, Plants - Keywords: edible plants
Age Group: 9-12 grade

A Field Guide to the Wildflowers: Northeastern and North-Central North America

Peterson, R.T. and M. McKenny.1968. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Category(ies): Habitats & Ecosystems, Nature Exploration, Plants, Prairie - Keywords: prairie
Age Group: 9-12 grade

A Kid’s Guide to Building Forts

Birdseye, T. 1993. Roberts Rinehart Publishers.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration - Keywords: forts
Age Group: 3-5 grade, 6-8 grade

A Naturalist Indoors: Observing the World of Nature Inside Your Home

Lawrence, G. and A.M. Tyrol. 2001. iUniverse, Inc.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration, Urban Environment, Wildlife - Keywords: indoor nature
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

A Sand County Almanac
Non-FictionLeopold, A. 1966. Oxford University Press. Category(ies): Natural Resources & Land Use, Nature Exploration, Stewardship, Wildlife - Keywords: wildlife management
Age Group: 6-8 grade, 9-12 grade, Parents & educators

A Walk in the Wild: Exploring a Wildlife Refuge

Ward, L. 1993. Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration, Wildlife - Keywords: wildlife watching
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

A Winter Walk

Barasch, L. 1993. Ticknor & Fields.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration, Seasons - Keywords: winter
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

ABCedar: An Alphabet of Trees

Lyon, G. 1996. New York: Scholastic Inc.

Category(ies): Forest/Trees, Nature Exploration, Plants, Seasons - Keywords: fall
Age Group: 3-5 grade, Pre K-2nd grade