Book Category: Nature Exploration

Winter: Tracks in the Snow

McDonnell, J. 1993. Scholastic Library Publishing.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration, Seasons, Wildlife - Keywords: winter
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

WoodsWalk: Peepers, Porcupines & Exploding Puffballs! What You’ll See, Hear & Smell When Exploring the Woods

Art, H.W. 2003. Storey Kids.

Category(ies): Forest/Trees, Habitats & Ecosystems, Nature, Nature Exploration, Seasons - Keywords: forest
Age Group: 3-5 grade, Pre K-2nd grade

World beneath Our Feet: A Guide to Life in the Soil

Nardi, J.B. 2005. Oxford University Press.

Category(ies): Natural Resources & Land Use, Nature Exploration, Soil, Wildlife - Keywords:
Age Group: 9-12 grade

World of Small: Nature Explorations with a Hand Lens

Ross, M.E. 1993. Yosemite Association.

Category(ies): Nature, Nature Exploration, Wildlife - Keywords:
Age Group: 3-5 grade

Worms Eat Our Garbage: Classroom Activities for a Better Environment

Appelhof, M. 2003. Flowerfield Enterprises.

Category(ies): Earth Day, Nature Exploration - Keywords: composting
Age Group: 3-5 grade, 6-8 grade, Parents & educators

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks: Wildlife Watcher’s Guide

Wilkinson, T. 1999. T&N Children’s Publishing.

Category(ies): Nature Exploration, Wildlife - Keywords: wildlife watching
Age Group: 3-5 grade