Book Category: Wetlands

Wetlands in Your Pocket: A Guide to Common Plants and Animals of Midwestern Wetlands

Muller, M. 2005. University of Iowa Press.

Category(ies): Wetlands - Keywords: wetlands
Age Group: 9-12 grade

Wetlands of North America
Non-FictionNiering, W.A., Elliot, C. 1985. Knopf Publishing Group. Category(ies): Habitats & Ecosystems, Wetlands - Keywords:
Age Group: 6-8 grade, 9-12 grade, Parents & educators

What Are Wetlands?

Kalman, B. 2002. Crabtree Publishing Company.

Category(ies): Habitats & Ecosystems, Natural Cycles, Wetlands, Wildlife - Keywords: wetlands
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

What is a Watershed?
Non-FictionPex, D.R. 1994. America Clean Water Foundation. Category(ies): Natural Resources & Land Use, Pond/Lake, River/Riparian, Urban Environment, Water Quailty, Wetlands - Keywords: watersheds
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

Wildflowers and Other Plants of Iowa Wetlands

Runkel, S. and D. Roosa. 1999. Ames: Iowa State University Press.

Category(ies): Camping, Nature Exploration, Plants, Wetlands - Keywords: Iowa wetland plants, natural resource reference
Age Group: 6-8 grade, 9-12 grade, Parents & educators

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands
Non-FictionSlattery, B. 1991. Environmental Concern, Inc. Category(ies): Wetlands - Keywords: curriculum
Age Group: Parents & educators