New Iowa Science Standards

Non-formal and formal educators to play a significant role in helping students meet aspects of the new Iowa Science Standards!

The Iowa Conservation Education Coalition (ICEC) is planning both summer and winter events to help coordinate the work of Iowa’s formal and non-formal educators. These efforts are important to environmental education (EE) in Iowa as we promote this vital part of K-12 education.

This summer, ICEC will be organizing workdays in each of the nine AEA regions to align and redesign EE programs to better support the new Iowa Core Science Standards. Targeted programs will be those that are common to many EE programs serving K-12 schools. Each team, consisting of both formal and non-formal educators will focus on program offerings for a specific grade level.

Winter Workshop 2017 will showcase the products of the workdays and will continue with the work of aligning EE with the science standards. As in past years, the workshop will also foster networking between diverse participants as they learn together about research on a current environmental topic. This year the topic will be pollinators / monarchs. We will continue to promote networking by encouraging non-education professionals to attend along with educators. Even environmental educators who work exclusively with adults will benefit from the workshop by considering how they might use aspects of the new science standards (Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts) to increase the effectiveness of their efforts. This workshop will return to its traditional Friday-Saturday time frame to encourage greater teacher attendance. ICEC was fortunate to receive a Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program grant to support the summer and winter events!

Winter Workshop 2017 is planned for 3-4 February 2017 at Springbrook Conservation Education Center, Guthrie Center, Iowa. Watch for details at here