Executive Committee Candidate Statements

Below are the candidate statements for ICEC’s Executive Committee nominees for the 2018-2020 term. Please review the statements and vote for up to three candidates in our election by December 31, 2017.

Mary Bulger, Naturalist, Iowa County Conservation:

Why you want to be part of ExCom?
In my time being a member of ICEC I have engaged in many informative workshops, networked with teachers and other non- formal educators from around the state, and helped developed new curriculum that aligns with the new NGSS science standards. I feel very fortunate to have met so many individuals who have shared, taught, and inspired me as much as the members of ICEC have. I would like to be a part of the ICEC Executive Committee so I can give back to this organization, and help it grow into the future through new membership and the organization as a whole.
What you can contribute to ICEC by being on the ExCom?
I feel my many years of hands-on experience as non-formal educator can advise and contribute towards the mission and purpose of ICEC, helping ICEC be a voice for conservation and environmental education, sharing information between and among conservation professionals, conservation agencies, school districts, educators, and science consultants.
Please tell us your occupation, background, skills, and accomplishments:
I currently work as the Naturalist for Iowa County Conservation. I have an Associates degree in Parks and Natural Resources and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science.  I have been a Naturalist for over 14 years, and have been a member of ICEC for 6 years.
While perusing my college degrees I have had the opportunity to work with several different conservation and environmental education organizations including MacBride Raptor Project, UI Wildlife Camps, Muscatine County Conservation, and Lee County Conservation. Working with these different organizations has given me lots of great experience in the environmental education field. I am especially passionate about caring for working with and teaching the public about wildlife.


Lilly Jensen, Education and Outreach Coordinator,  Winneshiek County Conservation:

I am interested in being part of the ICEC ExCom because I have found the work on the new NGSS science standards that ICEC has done over the past four to five years to be among the most challenging (in a good way) professional development I’ve experienced. I would like to give back to an organization that has helped me rethink my approach to environmental education and pushed me to make my all of my programming more effective and relevant. I hope to help ensure that ICEC maintains its role as a connecting agent between classroom and non-formal educators and remains a powerful voice of progress and innovation when it comes to teaching about and advocating for our natural resources.
I am Education and Outreach Coordinator for Winneshiek County Conservation, where I provide environmental education programming and take care of outreach and marketing. I have a bachelor’s degree from Luther College and a master’s degree in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah. I believe that my skills and experience in writing and communication, securing and implementing grant-funded projects, and working collaboratively with multiple and diverse partners will be valuable to ExCom.
I have been involved with ICEC’s NGSS work for several years, serving as a Network Coach for the 2015 Winter Workshop and as part of the ICEC Workshop Core Team in 2016. I was Registration Chair for the 2015 NAI Regional Workshop held in Ames, have been the NAI Heartland Region Newsletter Editor since 2011, and coordinated a series of professional development workshops for teachers under a REAP-CEP grant. Outside of work, I served for 6 years as board member and financial secretary for the United Way of Winneshiek County. I am a member of the Iowa Association of Naturalists and the National Association for Interpretation.