Jennifer Kurth Announced as Keynote Presenter at Winter Workshop 2018!

ICEC is excited to announce the keynote presenter, Jennifer Kurth, for Winter Workshop 2018.

Jennifer is a Natural Resources Biologist in the Watershed Improvement Section of the Iowa DNR.  In the past, she worked on determining the causes of biological impairments. She now coordinates the monitoring contracts and data management for the DNR sponsored watershed improvement projects.

Jennifer grew up in southeastern Minnesota and has a B.A in Theatre—set design and scenic art and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Minnesota. She then received an M.S. in Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of Maine. Her area of expertise is freshwater mussels.  She has worked on everything from fish host studies for several species of mussels, to surveys to determine distributions and densities of mussels, translocations of mussels, and developing new methods for tagging and recapturing mussels using Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags.  She just completed a seven-year, statewide freshwater mussel survey for Iowa’s interior rivers and streams.

Jennifer’s keynote presentation will explain how freshwater mussels are good indicators of aquatic ecosystem health, as well as nature’s water filtration system. We will learn more about the unique life cycles of mussels, how to find them, and which species we have here in Iowa.

The Winter Workshop will be held February 2nd, 2018 at Jester Park Lodge (11121 NW Jester Park Dr, Granger, IA 50109). Learn more and register for the workshop!