Welcome to our New ExCom Members

ICEC is excited to welcome two new members to our Executive Committee – Mary Bulger and Lilly Jensen. As ExCom members, Mary and Lilly will help to set the direction for ICEC over the course of their three-year terms of service. Thank you Mary and Lilly for joining our team! Mary Bulger Mary grew up … Read more

Announcing the 2017 IAN/ICEC Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 IAN/ICEC Excellence in Environmental Education Awards! These awards recognize the best of environmental education in Iowa. This year, we had an incredible group of nominees from across the state, representing outstanding programs and individual contributions in the field of EE. Congratulations to all who were recognized for their … Read more

Harness the Wind

What is wind? Wind is air in motion. Wind is produced by the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface by the sun. As the sun warms the Earth’s surface the atmosphere warms too. Some parts of the Earth receive direct rays of sun and others do not. This creates a difference in air pressure. Warm … Read more