Water Game Jam 2019

The Iowa Conservation Education Coalition (ICEC) received a STEM Innovation Grant to do a water game jam this spring. There is no cost to participate and the top twelve teams will be invited to showcase their game at the Iowa Science Center on May 10! (Grant covers admission, food, and a transportation stipend.)

Registration is open NOW!

What’s a Game Jam?  A game jam is a great way to get students immersed in the engineering process and have fun doing it! A group develops some sort of game around a theme. It requires teamwork, creative thinking, research, and problem solving.  Check out the website to learn more: https://educatorgamejam.org/

The theme for this game jam is water. We have provided several online resources you can use to learn more about every aspect of water – the water cycle, aquatic ecosystems, properties of water, and much more. You and your students have a host of options, so long as your game helps promote understanding of your local water resources.

  • Open to students in grades 3-8 (Two groups: 3-5 and 6-8)
  • Game can be analog (card games, board games, role playing games) or digital
  • Team made up of a maximum of 5 students
  • Games should help people better understand local water resources
  • Register your classroom or afterschool program at https://bit.ly/2HK8AlR
    • First 25 educators to register will receive a special class kit of game bits.
    • First 25 registrants can receive up to $50 reimbursement for supplies (receipts required)
  • Complete your game jam by April 8, 2019
  • Submit your game for judging no later than midnight, April 8, 2019
  • 12 teams selected to showcase their game at the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) on May 10
    • Includes admission to SCI, light supper, and special presentations
    • Receive up to $200 per team for transportation to the showcase