Water we eating?

Do you like to go fishing and eat fish? If so, then you harvest food from a local aquatic resource. In Iowa. Anglers harvest millions of fish each year for consumptive use. Species harvested include bluegill, bass, crappie, and catfish. Other aquatic animals such as frogs and crayfish are also harvested. Iowa is also home to aquatic plants such as wild rice and cattails, which are edible.

Explore the fascinating world of aquatic food sources and their origins with Aquatic WILD Water We Eating! Start by visiting a local grocery store either in person or via online websites and advertisements to see what foods are available from aquatic ecosystems. Find out where these products come from and map the locations. Where these products harvested from the wild or grown in aquaculture farms? As a follow-up, take a trip to your local lake, pond, or river and catch your own fish to eat! 

Young Child Extension

Bring in a variety of foods from aquatic sources for children to see and taste (be sure to check for food allergies) such as fish, shellfish, and wild rice. Take children fishing to catch their own fish to eat.

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