Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund

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Iowans, have you heard of the trust fund, Iowa’s water and land legacy, IWILL? Either way, this is an important year to track the Iowa legislature and keep up-to-date on the status of the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust. The 2020 Iowa legislative session began 13 January and Governor Kim Reynolds delivered her Condition … Read more

2019 IAN/ICEC Awards for Excellence in Environmental Education

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 IAN/ICEC Awards for Excellence in Environmental Education! These awards recognize the best of environmental education in Iowa. This year, we had an incredible group of nominees from across the state, representing outstanding programs and individual contributions in the field of EE. Congratulations to all who were recognized for … Read more

School Gardens


Why a school garden? School gardens provide hands-on learning in a wide variety of disciplines including science, math, language arts, and visual arts. Being involved in school gardens gets students active, engaged, and teaches them important life skills such as responsibility. School gardening of fruits and vegetables also positively influences students’ health and nutrition attitudes … Read more