A breath of fresh air

Just 15 minutes outdoors makes children happier and more relaxed! The same holds true for adults.

Tips for planning outdoor time into your day.

For parents:

  • Do homework outside
  • Add outdoor time into your schedule
  • Visit a local park after dinner
  • Backyard picnic once a week
  • Visit local apple orchard or farmer’s market
  • Outdoor reflection time. Sit. Breathe. Observe.
  • Keep a family nature journal
  • Any activity that gets you outside as a family!
  • Create a family “nature table” in your home to display nature finds (rocks, leaves, twigs, etc…)
  • Bring potted plants indoors to “green” up your indoor space

For educators:

  • Take reading time outdoors
  • Plan outdoor walks in your day (can be worked into a multitude of subjects – art inspiration, social studies observation, science nature studies, math statistics, etc…)
  • Bring nature into your classroom with potted plants, fish aquariums, nature table, etc…

 Why outdoor time is so important

  • Children who play outside are healthier and happier
  • Outdoor time increases academic success
  • Playing outside leads to more active imaginations and lowered aggression
  • People who play outside as children grow up to be better stewards of the environment

 Helpful Links

Check out our companion site at KinderNature – Research affirms the importance of time spent in the natural environment.