Game Jam 2021

game board piece

ICEC just concluded Soil Game Jam! Early 2021, Iowa student teams in grades 3-8 were challenged to develop games that focused on learning about soil. Teams were encouraged to incorporate field investigation data and observations and online data resources into their game idea. Game development on a specific topic helps inspire curiosity, creativity, collaboration, optimism, … Read more

Iowa Invertebrates


More than 97% of the animal species on Earth are invertebrates. Invertebrates are small animals that do not have backbones. There are many types of invertebrates, from fluid-filled jellyfish, and squishy earthworms to hard shelled insects like beetles, and eight-legged arachnids. This fascinating and diverse group of animals spans the globe – invertebrates live on … Read more

2021 Conservation Teacher of the Year Award Application


Annually, ICEC and the Iowa Soil Conservation Awards Program, presents two awards to outstanding teachers who are creating awareness of soil conservation and water quality in their classrooms. The Iowa Soil Conservation Awards Program, co-sponsored by the Iowa State Soil Conservation Committee (SSCC) and the Conservation Districts of Iowa (CDI), is presented to two educators … Read more