NWF opportunity

National Wildlife Federation is looking to hire a research contractor for a six-month project to help with evaluation of agricultural conservation outreach. This project is part of a larger effort to identify opportunities to expand in-field conservation practices (cover crops, no-till, etc.) in two geographies within the mid- and lower-Mississippi River basin. This project would include conducting approximately 40-50 phone interviews with conservation professionals, farmers, and other stakeholders; assisting with approximately 4 virtual focus groups with some of these stakeholders; conducting background research on agri-environmental conditions in our target areas; and assisting with messaging and planning sessions to provide outreach recommendations for outreach change in our target areas. This position would start no later than January 31 and work would conclude by July 28th.
Interested parties can contact Jessica Espenshade (espendshadej@nwf.org) or Adam Reimer (reimera@nwf.org) for questions.