Conservation Education Landscape Analysis to Launch Soon

For several years, ICEC has been working with statewide organizations from across the Midwest to better understand how we can work together to support Conservation Education across the region. One important component of this work is to conduct a “Landscape Analysis” of conservation and environmental education efforts in the region. We want to know what’s already happening and where the gaps and barriers are so we can provide recommendations for how to improve and increase conservation education across Iowa and the Midwest.
For this effort to be successful, we need your help! Please take some time to complete this survey. The higher the response rate, the more complete a view of our state we can gather. All of the information gathered will be used to build interactive tools and dashboards that will be shared publicly so everyone–classroom teachers, conservation educators, public officials, funders–can see what’s being done and what more is needed to support environmental literacy in our communities, counties, state, and region. These tools will help us all identify gaps and opportunities for programming, identify the highest need communities, and explore strategic partnerships and alliances.
The survey will ready soon. It should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. You will see Eco-Rise and Gen-Thrive branding throughout the survey; these are the organizations supporting survey implementation and creation of the future tools.
This Landscape Analysis is a partnership of the following organizations: Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, Iowa Conservation Education Coalition, Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education, the Missouri Environmental Education Association, Nebraska Alliance for Conservation and Environmental Education, and the Wyoming Alliance for Environmental Education. Funding for the project was provided by the Pisces Foundation.