Game Jam 2023 Concludes

The Iowa Game Jam for the 2022-2023 school year was a collaborative effort between ICEC, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Project WILD, and AmeriCorps members. Funding support came from the Holthues Trust. Using resources from last year’s University of Iowa graduate students and additions from this year’s AmeriCorps members, the topics were water pollution, endangered species, invasive species, and renewable energy. Elementary and middle school students’ from around Iowa developed games that help to teach others about environmental issues in Iowa. Twenty-two teams submitted game descriptions and 4-minute videos for judging in grades 3 to middle school. Judges represented the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Our congratulations go to these teams for their creative games! Thanks goes to their teachers and others that helped in the process.

1st place – 3rd grade

  • Endangered Species Matching Game – Cedar River Academy at Taylor (Kacidee, Giovanna, Aire)

1st Place – 5th grade

  • Birdyland – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Arianna, Kathryn, Sienna)
  • Water Player – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Miles, Noah, Paul)

2nd Place – 5th grade

  • Infestation – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Connor, Aidden, Ryan)
  • Endangered – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Collin, Holden, Conner)

3rd Place – 5th grade

  • Waterball – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Dagny, Janett, Caleb, Jenna)
  • Endangered Animals – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Cruz, Alivia, Eden)

Honorable Mention – 5th grade

  • Wheel of Ospreys – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Clayton, Maddox, Grady O)
  • Wildlife Cornhole – Edgewood-Colesburg Elementary School (Max, Maci, Bentley)
  • Sorry for Endangering your Habitat – Cedar River Academy at Taylor Elementary (Aariah and Aleigha)

First Place Middle School

  • Conservation Digital Game – BCLUW Middle School (Ethan, Garett, Tommy, Olin)