Iowa Core Aligned Programs for Naturalists

The following programs were adapted from the work of ICEC members following work sessions last summer and the 2016 and 2017 Winter Workshops. Participants considered the three dimensions of the Iowa Core Science Standards and aligned the programs to grade specific standards. Click here for the Iowa Core Science Standards

If you would like to learn how to align programs to the new standards or if you would like to contribute aligned programs to this resource page, please send ICEC an email!

Teachers, contact your county naturalist for these and similar experiences for your students. Our non-formal educators are working to align programs with the state standards at every grade level.



Seed Needs and How They Move


1st Grade

Animal AdaptationsBaby Animals


2nd Grade

Home Sweet Home


3rd Grade

Bird Beak Buffet


4th Grade

Erosion with Stream TablePredator Adaptations


5th Grade

Turtle HurdlesPond Study on SteroidsEcofootprint


6th Grade

Water Sampling


7th Grade

Solar SystemStar ID


8th Grade

Climate Change: A Whole New WorldWater Cycle (The Incredible Journey)


9-12th Grade

Developing Watershed Solutions