Past Winter Workshop Topics

Winter Workshop 2023 – Enhancing Education – Naturally

Learn how improving mental health and student achievement are just out the door… 

The last couple years have again reminded us that student-centered experiences in the natural environment are essential. Structured and unstructured experiences in the outdoors help each of us “reset” and recharge, can help us concentrate, increase our creativity, help us become better problem solvers, help us become better students – no matter our age – and improve our mental health. Drake University STEM Hub was our host.

Winter Workshop 2022 — Resiliency and Adaptation to Climate Change

The climate crisis is leading to dramatic changes across Iowa’s landscape as our natural and human communities face unprecedented extremes in weather, from continual flooding to derechos, to extreme heat and lasting droughts. Environmental educators of all kinds need the skills and knowledge that will help them not only navigate the contentious environment surrounding climate change, but also foster meaningful behavior changes to benefit the collective work against climate change. The University of Iowa College of Education was our host.

Virtual Winter Learning Series 2021 — Equity and Inclusion in Environmental Education

Over the month of January 2021, ICEC provided a series of self-guided readings, modules, webinars, speakers, and panel discussions to lay a foundation for understanding and further conversation and dialogue around making Iowa’s conservation education community more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Winter Workshop 2020 — Iowa’s PHENOMENAL Natural Resources

Participants explored grade-appropriate Iowa phenomena, learned how to develop investigable questions, make observations, plus gather/record data and analyze it. Everyone also got to try out Game Jam and learn how you can use it to build STEM skills.