Science Supports

Iowa Core Science Standards

The gist of the new standards  is that students will shift from “learning about” to “figuring out” scientific concepts and or solving problems. This statement should be guiding all we do…

As a follow-up to Winter Workshop 2016 and all we learned about improving our conservation outreach using the proven ways all folks learn science, documents and links will be added to help you adapt your program content!

Winter Workshop 2017

ICEC is supporting an effort to align and enhance programs of naturalists and other non-formal educators so these programs will directly support the new grade specific standards. Last summer (2016), groups of naturalists, teachers, and Area Education Agency (AEA) science consultants collaborated to develop examples of this work. This work was shared at Spreading our Wings with Science Standards, our ICEC 2017 winter workshop. Documents developed through these workdays and the Winter Workshop are housed here!

Demonstration Models including Enviroscape, Stream Table, and Groundwater Models may be available near you in Iowa. Check the My County Parks website for your nearest county conservation board naturalist to see if they have materials to borrow!