Research and Articles

10 reasons we should let children play in the mud
A list compiled by an early childhood teacher about the benefits to children when they play in the mud.

Babies Know: A Little Dirt is Good for You
An article from the January 26, 2009 New York Times about the positive effect that consuming organisms in dirt has on the immune system.

Changing Times of American Youth: 1981-2003 (PDF)
A time use study of American children and teens co-sponsored by the University of Michigan and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Grow Outside!
Richard Louv’s Keynote Address to the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference in 2010.

Health Benefits – National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
Studies concerning children’s health and their connection to the natural world.

Promoting the Development of Scientific Thinking
Ruth Wilson’s article in Early childhood NEWS on promoting children’s scientific inquiry.

Special Reports about Children and Nature – NWF
National Wildlife Federation has released various reports about the importance of children spending time outdoors and its effect on their overall well-being, school readiness, performance at school and more.

Tranquil scenes have positive impact on brain
The University of Sheffield’s study about tranquil living environments having a positive effect on human brain function as reported in Science Daily, September 2010.