Nature Poetry

April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate with a study of nature poetry! Start by reading nature poems. Depending on the age and level of students, make a study of the mechanics of poetry and how to write different kinds of poetry. Check out the list of books tagged ‘environmental writers‘ in our book database to... Continue reading

game pieces

Game Jam 2023 Registration opens soon

ICEC Game Jam Registration opens February 13! Game Jam registration: Starts February 13, 2023! Games can help address real-world challenges, encourage systems thinking, and promote active engagement, making them particularly well suited to conservation education. Educational Game Jams provide opportunities for students to develop games around a theme. Game jams inspire curiosity, creativity, collaboration, optimism,... Continue reading


NWF opportunity

National Wildlife Federation is looking to hire a research contractor for a six-month project to help with evaluation of agricultural conservation outreach. This project is part of a larger effort to identify opportunities to expand in-field conservation practices (cover crops, no-till, etc.) in two geographies within the mid- and lower-Mississippi River basin. This project would... Continue reading


School Gardens

Why a school garden? School gardens provide hands-on learning in a wide variety of disciplines including science, math, language arts, and visual arts. Being involved in school gardens gets students active, engaged, and teaches them important life skills such as responsibility. School gardening of fruits and vegetables also positively influences students’ health and nutrition attitudes... Continue reading


Register for WW 2023

Enhancing Education – Naturally Learn how improving mental health and student achievement are just out the door… February 11, 2023 – Drake University Join us in-person or online. Recertification credit available. Jump to the Winter Workshop 2023 page to learn more and register!

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Pre-Winter Workshop Webinar

Let’s Go Outdoors! for Children’s Learning and Health Pre-conference Webinar – February 9, 2023 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. via Zoom Experiencing green schoolyards and other green spaces provide children with myriad benefits such as supporting attention, academic achievement, healthy diets, and environmental stewardship behaviors that persist into adulthood. Learn about recent research findings and how... Continue reading

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Phenology at Play

Looking back over the past year using observations of the natural world, you can start to see seasonal changes. Each week, each month, and each season brings newness to our environment. Most folks grounded by our environment are actually students of phenology or nature’s calendar. Phenology is considered a measurement of life cycle events in... Continue reading