Winter Workshop 2023

Enhancing Education – Naturally

Learn how improving mental health and student achievement are just out the door… 

February 11, 2023 – Drake University

The last couple years have again reminded us that student-centered experiences in the natural environment are essential. Structured and unstructured experiences in the outdoors help each of us “reset” and recharge, can help us concentrate, increase our creativity, help us become better problem solvers, help us become better students – no matter our age – and improve our mental health.

Winter Workshop is targeted to educators (teachers, naturalists, other non-formal educators), college students – particularly those going into education in some capacity, or any who are working to help their communities and networks understand the personal and academic benefits of spending time outdoors.

Interested in sharing your expertise, resources, and / or current work around this topic, please complete this Call for Presenters form for by December 1, 2022.

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