Book Tag: activism

Acting For Nature: What Young People Around the World Are Doing to Protect the Environment

Collard III, S. 2000. Heyday Books.

Category(ies): Earth Day, Stewardship - Keywords: activism, issues
Age Group: 3-5 grade, 6-8 grade, 9-12 grade

Annie Glover Is Not a Tree Lover

Beard, D.B. and H. Maione. 2009. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Category(ies): Forest/Trees, Urban Environment - Keywords: activism
Age Group: 3-5 grade, 6-8 grade

Contemporary Environmentalists

Graham, K. 1996. Facts on File, Inc.

Category(ies): Environmental Issues, Environmental Writers, Stewardship - Keywords: activism
Age Group: 6-8 grade, 9-12 grade

Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement

Doherty, B. 2002. Taylor & Francis, Inc.

Category(ies): Environmental Issues - Keywords: activism
Age Group: 9-12 grade

Loony Little: An Environmental Tale

Aston, D.H. and K. Murphy. 2007. Candlewick Press.

Category(ies): Environmental Issues, Stewardship - Keywords: activism
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade