Book Tag: pollination

How do animals help plants reproduce?
Non-FictionRuth Owen 2015, ISBN-13 978-1477771419 Excellent technical resource for understanding the mechanics of pollination, seed production, and the partnership between plants and animals that results in plant reproduction. The book contains excellent diagrams, and dedicates space to bird and animal pollinators, the role nectar plays, and how seeds are dispersed. Includes a glossary and link to web resources. Category(ies): Birds, Insects & Inverts, Plants, Wildlife - Keywords: pollination, pollinator
Age Group: 3-5 grade

Insect Pollinators
Non-FictionJennifer Boothroyd 2015, ISBN-13 978-1467760683 A first step nonfiction book, this introduces the very basics of pollination and how insects carry pollen from one flower to another. Excellent close-up photos of a variety of insects perched on flowers. Category(ies): Insects & Inverts, Plants - Keywords: pollination, pollinator
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade

What Lily Gets from Bee and Other Pollination Facts (Plantology series)
Non-FictionEllen Lawrence 2013, ISBN-13 978-1617725876 Overview of bee pollination by focusing on lilies. While we wish the focus had been on a native plant, the book covers pollination generally and includes a variety of insect pollinators. Category(ies): Insects & Inverts - Keywords: pollination
Age Group: Pre K-2nd grade