To Zone or Not to Zone

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There are many issues involved when we are deciding how to utilize the land and our natural resources. How do we decide where to build new housing developments? How do … Read more

Citizen Science

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Citizen science projects in the classroom combine useful observation or data collection with an opportunity for students to learn more about scientific principles, problems, and processes as well as helping … Read more

WW24 Scholarships Available

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Thanks to a generous funder, ICEC is now able to offer a limited number of scholarships and expense stipends to support Iowa conservation educator attendance at the 2024 Winter Workshop. … Read more

Citizen Science is for the Birds

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Watching birds, feeding birds, and learning about birds is a great way to get students excited! These activities can carry over to family time as well. Feeder birds (song birds) … Read more

Wild about Winter Wildlife


Hibernation is one of many adaptations to the cold and decreased food supplies of Iowa winters. Most mammals, including people, tend to slow down a little during the winter. True … Read more

Water Science in Iowa Workshop


Water Science in Iowa Workshop for Teachers (EARTHSCI 6233 Workshop: Iowa’s Emerging Water Quality Issues: Contamination to Recreation).  This workshop has limited space and is free for Iowa Educators, including … Read more

Let’s Talk Turkey


Let’s talk turkey. Fall is the season for this noble animal, an historic bird and Benjamin Franklin’s pick for national bird. Turkeys have run wild through the United States for … Read more

2023 IAN-ICEC Award Noms Due Soon

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Have you or someone you know done something great for conservation or environmental education (CE / EE) in Iowa? Nominate them (or yourself) for an IAN-ICEC Award for Excellence in … Read more

ExCom Candidate Statements 2024

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Below are the candidate statements for ICEC’s Executive Committee nominees for the 2024-2026 term. ICEC’s members are asked to review the statements. All members in good standing are eligible to … Read more